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Advisory, analysis and strategies for sustainable solutions.

Social sustainability advisory

Stakeholder has decades of experience within social sustainability and our senior advisor Kristin Holter is one of the leading experts in this field in Norway.

Stakeholder acts as an advisor to large corporations in their work with due diligence processes, stakeholder engagement and guideline development.

We work closely the OECD and are well connected with the leading NGOs in this field.

Research and analyses

How may the fishery and aquaculture industry cut their emissions towards 2030? How big are the emissions from travel and tourism, and how will they develop?  These are some of the topics we have researched and analysed in recent projects. 

We combine our expertise in climate, energy and economics with the ability to analyse great amounts of data to solve complex projects for our clients. The research and analyses delivered by us are used by businesses, NGOs and government to make decisions on business development, politics and frameworks and requirements. 

Environmental and climate advisory

We work with companies and organizations to map climate emissions and create strategies for reaching low or zero emission targets.

We create GHG-reports in accordance with the GHG Protocol.

Our specialty is energy use, transportation and industrial processes.

EU taxonomy advisory

The EU taxonomy is a game changer for sustainability. We have only seen the beginning of the effects this ambitious and massive regulation will have on companies, banks and investors.

Stakeholder assists clients in mapping the effect EU Taxonomy has on their business. We also help companies to adapt to the Taxonomy in order to access competitive green funding.

Annual reports and sustainability reporting

Stakeholder has been delivering annual reports and sustainability reports since the foundation in 2009. Our belief is that an annual report has significant communication value and that it should be viewed as a tool for engaging with a broad range of stakeholders.

We work as advisors, text producers and project managers.

With regards to sustainability reporting, we can contribute to all phases of the process from the double materiality assessment, to development of policies, actions, targets and KPIs related to the material topics. We advise clients in their reporting to ensure it is in line with requirements in CSRD and ESRS. We collaborate with the CSRD and taxonomy reporting software Celsia, and advice our clients during the reporting process. We also support companies in their reporting on the Norwegian Transparency Act. 

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